Friday, February 22, 2013

A letter the ones that matter

its a shame i have to see my good friend acknowledge his loved ones to realize that i need to do the same but hey better late than never..i think ill start with him first.

 Josh Roberts i just tagged you in a stat and you have your letter so your notifications will prolly be skyrocking lol but i wanna say thank you. regardless of how much you think i taught you, you taught me just as much if not more. being able to go through high school with you deff made things easier. you remind me so much of myself and i think that's why I've learned so much from you. by caring for you like a brother and wanting whats best for you i found out a lot of things i don't like in myself and started to go for whats best for myself. so thank you for that. im glad that we could positively affect eachothers lives and i will always be there for you bro. im forsure gonna visit you in texas one day, my mom already said i have to lol and get through school and make the grade man the sooner we get done with the boring parts of our lives the sooner we can have more crazy times together.

  Cupcakee' Niaa heyy babe :) thank you so much for being an amazing girlfriend. though we dont have the time to match up to some of those amazing relationships we have all the feelings. through a short amout of time ive grown to love you and i feel like ive known you my whole life. im so comfortable with you and i love that i can just be myself with you. as time goes on you continually show me just how amazing you are and this has honestly been the best relationship i've ever had. we've had good times and bad but you are strong for me when you need to be and i plan on doing the same for you. i feel like you get me, much more than i think or give you credit for and thats when makes us work. the same way you know what i hate you know what i love and make an honest effort to make me happy and you do a damn good job :). youre the first person i talk to when i wake up and the last person i talk to before i go to sleep and i wouldnt have it any other way. thank you once again for being an amazing woman. i feel like the luckiest man alive and i smile everyday thanks to you.

  Kandace Newton why are you so damn flawless lol but seriously i remember when we first became good friends i knew from then on i had a friend for life. i love you and your family so much. youre there when i need you there when i wanna have fun and one day when i get out this hell hole(home) we'll spend a lot more time together. thank you for all the laughs and good times together you've saved me from insanity quite a few times.

Bree Ragland throughout all our friendship you have always been a good friend and that's more than i can say for most people. i remember back in school when i would just come over cuz i didn't wanna go home so bad. you took away all the stress and drama in life and made everything better with your bubbly(and some what retarded) personality lol i miss the old days and i hope in the future i can see my three amigos again.

Erica Fields erica...mother...sugamama lol hi there. thank you so much for being an authority i can respect and actually listen to. i appreciate all the times you've set aside from busy schedule to listen to me whine about life and have heart to hearts with me. i've told you things little to no one else knows and its because you've always been so caring to me. im not one to talk about how i feel a lot but you make it easy for me to and that's what i need. i really honestly like to talk about how i feel but its just hard finding someone you can trust. im glad i dont have to worry about that :)

Nicole Sistrunk nikki nikki nikki got a baby in your kitty(2chainz voice) lol but i hope everything is going smoothly with your pregnancy. we didn't have a perfect relationship but it was still my longest and i learned so much from it. you really helped me grow up so to speak and leave a lot of my more childish ways behind. im glad that after all that i didn't have to lose you as a friend. i had no clue how great of a friend you could be and i appreciate every time you sat there and told me i was there. whether i opened up or not just knowing i didnt have to go through something alone made it easier.

Larry MF'n Kushingberry thanks for being a positive influence on me and my music man. i remember when i first met you i was so young, naive, and straight ass on the mic lol i took your accapella off looperman and made a song with it and i never thought you'd even acknowledge me. but for whatever reason whether it was pity or actually seeing potential in me you did. you subscribed to my channel you gave me a chance and that made me wanna get better. i really appreciate that cuz if it wasn't for that i would have quit a long long time ago.

Previn Isaun Jones you were just in one letter now another lol but thanks bro for also being a positive influence in my music. seeing you and the moves you were making is what make me wanna get serious in music and actually push for something. fame might not be what i want but i still want to go somewhere thanks to you. from the first song i heard of you i was a fan and since then i've just wanted to follow in your footsteps. it was never about trying to bite your style or anything but i just wanted to make a name for myself like you. i wanted the hundreds of views and supporters, i wanted people playing my music in there cars and chanting my name. so thank you for being a friend and positive influence. see you at the top.

Lauren Brooks girl ive known you forever. seems like a lifetime lol but you're amazing friend and our friendship is one that will never end. i remember staying on the phone with you all night every night(not really your old ass fell asleep at ten every night) lol but i will keep my promises im coming to see you cuz im "bout that life" and i am looking for that damn book if it still exist. :D

i really had some more to do but im getting like carpultunnel or some shit lol but i love and appreciate all my friends. thank you for everything you all do for me and i hope you're all around for a long long time..